Build Process

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Build Process

At Urban Homes we pride ourselves on the highest level of communication possible and we aim to deliver “WOW” through service. This means we will ensure you are regularly kept up to date throughout each and every stage of your building process making it a fun and enjoyable experience.

 Stage 1- Preliminary Design

Our experienced architectural designer will custom design your home to suit your build budget and lifestyle – for a fraction of the design cost you would usually pay. We quote for this service based on the extent of your project.

Stage 2 – Developed Design

We will provide you with concept drawings – including a floor plan, elevations and a cross section – that will enable you to see exactly how your home will be situated on the site and how it will look and feel. We will work with you to get these drawings 100% right, even if it takes several drafts. Once you sign off the drawings, we can provide a fixed price quotation to build your new home.

Stage 3 – Quoting Process

Once the developed design is completed we will begin construction costing. Approximately three weeks later we will provide you with a full fixed price quotation and summary, which will detail exactly what is included and excluded in the price. Plans and Council permits will be included in the quote unless specified otherwise. This quoting service is free.

Stage 4 – Quote Acceptance and Contract Documents

Once you have accepted the quotation we will draft up a Master Builders full build contract, and complete a Registered Master Builders guarantee application. Once you sign the contract agreement a contract deposit will be invoiced to you. Working drawings will commence as soon as the deposit is paid.

 Stage 5 – Working Drawings and Consents

Working drawings, engineering and all documentation will be prepared and submitted to council for processing. The council consent process usually takes about 20 working days.

 Stage 6 – Construction

Construction can commence as soon as the plans are approved by Council and the building consents are granted. Prior to this, you will be given a construction schedule with a start and expected completion date. We will also assign an experienced project manager to liaise with you from the start to finish of your build project.

Monitor Your Build Progress Online – with our secure client login page!

A secure, password protected web page will provide you with 24/7 web-based access to your build project. From an online calendar to the online messaging system, you can easily communicate with our team, no matter if you are at home, work or even on vacation! You can see construction photos, check the build schedule, view and approve variations and selections, keep track of costs, access important documents – and share your building experience with friends and family all over the world if you want.

At Urban Homes we pride ourselves on the highest level of communication possible and we aim to deliver “WOW” through service. We will ensure you are kept up-to date throughout each and every stage of your building process, making it a fun and enjoyable experience.

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