Registered Master Builders House of the Year




National Winner 2016 Show Home of the Year



As Registered Master Builder’s, you can be assured that your new home built by Urban Homes will be covered by a Master Build Guarantee. We provide a Master Build 10-year Standard Guarantee with every home we build. Depending on the value of your house build and the level of cover you want, we can also offer Master Build 10-Year Classic and Premium Guarantees.

Completing and submitting the Master Build Guarantee documentation is a standard part of our building process, and the cost is included in your build contract.

The Master Build Guarantee can be transferred multiple times within its 10-year term. So, if you choose to sell your house within that time it can be a very attractive proposition for a prospective buyer.

Urban can also guarantee that no matter how big or small your job is, we will go out of our way to meet your specifications and timeframes, and provide you with excellent service and workmanship. We strive to apply the very best high quality workmanship to every job we do, and we have the awards to prove it.

You can find out more about the Master Build 10-year guarantees, and what they cover by visiting