Our Urban journey

Follow Jordie and Ben's journey with Urban Homes

When Jordie and Ben started to plan their first home, they never expected they would be building but, they fell in love with a piece of land in Raglan, did their research and realised, it could be a possibility.

Now, their sign is staked in the ground and their journey with Urban Homes has truly begun. Follow their progress as they turn a long-time dream into a real-time reality.

Q&A with Jordie and Ben

Building a first home can be filled with unknowns. We asked Jordie and Ben their thoughts as they undertake their build journey with Urban Homes.

Quality is everything

As Architectural and Interior designers, we like to think we have a keen eye for detail. Everything we’ve seen at Urban Homes as far as quality and design has been right up there. The high standards we know the Project Managers follow puts our mind at ease that our home will be built to our standard.

We’ve loved being able to add our own style to the Urban plans and specifications. We’re not restricted in any way, and we know it won’t be an off the shelf “cookie cutter” house. It’s 100% our style and we’re excited for it to be our home.

This is our first home. When we started to plan our future and decide what sort of house we wanted, as mentioned, we didn’t expect to be building a new home but, we found a piece of land in Raglan, did some research and realized it was a possibility to afford a brand-new home. We have been surprised at how easy it has been to design a house that feels modern and cool, with its simplicity tailored to suit us and our budget.

Customised for us!

Jordie - Something that was important to me in the planning stage was the interior look and feel. I wanted the main open living space to feel open, earthy and relaxed. Some of my ‘must haves’ were higher ceilings, open plan living spaces and hard flooring throughout. We chose the section we’re building on because it would give us a decent north facing yard so the connection to the yard and outdoor entertainment spaces was another important consideration.

Ben - I’m pumped for all of it, and I love that it’s been completely customized to how we live. In particular, when we were planning, one of my non-negotiables was an internal access garage. I’m also really stoked with the street appeal our home has. It’s a corner site so needs to look good from multiple angles.

Rotokauri plan

We have both always loved Urban's Rotokauri plan. We loved that it had big sliding doors in the hallway so every space felt light and bright but, it’s a long house and didn’t fit on our site. When we started to think about what plan we wanted, we happened to walk through an Urban built home that was up for sale in Green Hill Park. The floor plan was a more condensed version of our much-loved Rotokauri plan. We really liked this version and found it suited our needs and our site layout really well so decided to use it as a starting point.

"Every time we come out to the site to catch up with the guys from Urban, we always leave feeling reassured we’ve made the right decision that the house is in very good hands. There’s a good level of trust."


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