Take ownership sooner with
Smartkey finance solutions

Build a new home with 10% deposit

Smartkey is Urban Homes’ finance solution that can help you secure one of our house and land packages at today’s price and start building with only a 10% deposit (as opposed to a 20% deposit when buying an existing home).

By adding the Smartkey finance solution to your Urban Homes house and land package, you only need to pay a 10% deposit to get your build started. No other payments are required until your new home is completed and you take ownership.

Urban Homes’ Smartkey finance solution can make it easier for you to get pre-approval for your new build from your bank. We offer a fixed price, making it easier for you to plan your finances. We will work with your bank of choice and give you the right information at the right time to take to your bank.

Check out our Smartkey brochure for more information on financing your home.


A smarter way to take ownership

Smartkey is a great option for people who will be renting while building. You can focus on paying for your rent and costs of living, without having to worry about making mortgage repayments or building progress payments. This frees you up to keep saving for your new home, and you’ll pay less interest over the lifetime of your mortgage.

Smartkey makes it easier to budget and plan for your build. There are no surprise costs or building progress payments to make along the way. You’ll know exactly how much you need to get started, and what you need to pay once you take ownership.

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