What is a site appraisal?

A site appraisal is the evaluation of a site or section from a building perspective. Urban Homes offers free, no-obligation site appraisals and initial design discussions to help you make smart building decisions. 

Whether you are looking at buying a section, subdividing a property, or building on a site you already own, a site appraisal is an important first step in the building process.

Contact us today to arrange your free, no-obligation site appraisal and initial design discussion with one of our experienced New Home Consultants. 

Site appraisals the Urban way

Building a new home can be a tricky process to navigate. Lucky for you, the team at Urban Homes is here to help. At Urban, we offer a free, no-obligation site appraisal to get your building journey off on the right foot. Watch our video to find out more.

What does a site appraisal contain?

We will visit you on site and help you assess: 

When is the right time to get a site appraisal?

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect section, subdividing an existing property, or planning to build on a section you already own, a site appraisal and initial design discussion is an important step in the building process.

If you are looking to buy land, you need a site appraisal BEFORE making an offer, to avoid making any decisions that could cost you down the track.

We recommend seeking a site appraisal before you start looking at house plans. Our consultants can help you explore possibilities and identify any challenges unique to your site.

A site appraisal can guide you on making the most of your section and building your dream home within your budget.

Request a free site appraisal and design discussion

A site appraisal helps you make smarter building decisions. To request your free, no-obligation site appraisal, phone us on 0800 MYURBAN or fill in this form.

Only available in New Zealand. Please phone to request a site appraisal.