Written by Urban Homes on Jul 25, 2018

Find a space for your favourite armchair with the Urban Homes room design layout tool

A beautiful new home brings with it the opportunity for fresh interiors, new style and new furniture. It’s also an opportunity to create the space in your home you’ve always wanted. Space for that beautiful 10-seater dining table, perfect for evenings of entertainment; space for that beloved armchair you can curl up in with a good book.

At Urban, we work with you to design your home to the style and space your desire. And if you have a few pieces of beloved furniture you don’t want to part with, we’ll ensure we create space for them in your dream home too.

We can do that with our bespoke room design layout tool. Download our room design layout tool to help you decide if your plan layout is right for you.

Furniture layout tool

Our furniture layout tool has been designed to help you visualise how each room in your home will feel once you have your furniture in it. Using it alongside your plans, the furniture layout tool uses icons to scale, such as a couch, bed, dining table, car and boat, to help you establish if the size and layout of the rooms and garage in your home suit you and your furniture needs.

For example, using the room design layout tool you can design the best floor plan that will fit the pieces of furniture you are planning to use in your new Hamilton or Waikato home. Is your room big enough for the double queen-sized bed and will the layout of the room ensure enough space additional furniture, such as a dresser, desk or bedside tables?

The same can be used with the garage. Does the space and layout of the garage accommodate the essentials – cars – and the extras – boat, tools, bikes and ski gear?

Measuring for scale

We also have a scale ruler to be used alongside our Urban room design layout tool. The scale ruler helps you determine the space needed between different pieces of furniture and enables you to get a sense of the overall size of any room.

And, if you want to know where the sun will be in relation to each room, we’ve got a handy sun angle tool for that too!

A fresh start

A new home is a fresh start but at Urban we like to work with our clients to ensure their dream home has everything they need, including a space for that treasured threadbare armchair. Our scale ruler and room design layout tool will help you find the perfect place for those pieces of furniture that hold special memories, and will allow you to determine if it will all fit and work in with your vision

Download our furniture layout tool and scale ruler and start planning the interior of your beautiful new home.