Sam and Harriet Cane’s top tips for building a new home

Over the past few months, Urban Homes has been on a journey with rugby legend Sam Cane and his wife Harriet, as they built their very own masterpiece on the outskirts of Hamilton. Watch the video here. We were humbled to hand Sam and Harriet the keys to their new... Read more >

Sam and Harriet Cane’s dream home enters final stages

Rugby legend Sam Cane and wife Harriet are one step closer to taking ownership of their new build in the Waikato. Urban Homes, proud sponsors of Bay of Plenty rugby, is proud to be building the couple’s dream home. We caught up with Sam and Harriet on-site recently, as they... Read more >

The frames go up on Sam and Harriet’s house

Urban Homes caught up with Sam and Harriet Cane on the site of their new build recently, to see how their dream home is progressing. When Sam and Harriet visited the site just a few weeks earlier, the boxing had been set to map out the footprint of the home,... Read more >

Turn your dream home into reality with 3D modelling

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping through the front door of a newly built house – it’s the moment everyone building a house dreams of. Urban Homes architectural designer Joanna Chalmers explains how you can experience that moment months in advance – with interactive 3D modelling. “3D modelling... Read more >

A home with a view

Chris and Caroline Lewis don’t do things by halves. In one year, they demolished their house, renovated their farm cottage, excavated a section and built their 310sqm, four-bedroom dream home on a four-acre section. And if that wasn’t enough, moving day was in the middle of calving season. Someone who... Read more >

Sam Cane builds a house with Urban Homes

Bay of Plenty Steamers player Sam Cane and his new wife Harriet are building a house, and we are humbled they have chosen Urban Homes, proud sponsors of Bay of Plenty Rugby, to take them on the journey. Sam and Harriet are building their dream home on the outskirts of... Read more >

Can I personalise pre designed house plans?

Planning your perfect home? You’ve no doubt lost count of the hours spent inside show homes, pinning images to your dream home Pinterest board, and following home and interior styling profiles on Instagram. But that’s all part of the fun, right? Yet despite all this, you still haven’t found the... Read more >

Common questions asked by first-time home builders

As a first-time home builder, the thought of building a house from the ground up can be both extremely exciting and somewhat overwhelming. At Urban Homes we’re here to answer your questions and squash the preconceived perceptions which are often associated with building a house for the first time. The... Read more >

5 things to consider when embarking on your building journey

Are you considering building a new home? Congratulations – you’re about to embark on an exciting journey. Before long, you’ll see all those ideas you’ve pinned on Pinterest, saved on Instagram or bookmarked in the latest copy of House and Garden magazine, become reality. But first, you need to narrow... Read more >

Building from the ground up: finding the perfect section for your dream home

When it comes to building your dream home, you need to start from the ground up – literally. Before any building can begin, you need to have a piece of land on which to lay the foundations for your new home. Finding land is therefore the first challenge you’ll face... Read more >

How much does it cost to build a house?

Well, that’s a bit like asking how much it costs to make a sandwich – it totally depends on what you put in it. At Urban Homes we love to give straight-forward answers to help our clients in their planning and decision-making. However, this is one question that does evoke... Read more >

Opening the door to our MyUrban App

At Urban Homes, we want our clients to enjoy the process of building a home. We do everything we can to help our clients learn, be confident, and know what’s happening with their new build. The MyUrban app is one way we make building a house an awesome journey. MyUrban... Read more >