Written by Urban Homes on Mar 01, 2019

Turn your dream home into reality with 3D modelling

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping through the front door of a newly built house – it’s the moment everyone building a house dreams of. Urban Homes architectural designer Joanna Chalmers explains how you can experience that moment months in advance – with interactive 3D modelling.

“3D modelling is a really exciting time in the design process. Many people building a house have been planning and thinking about their build for a while – 3D modelling is when things start to become real.

At the beginning of your build journey, while you’re still refining plans with a design team, interactive 3D modelling can help you visualise and experience what it will be like to step through the front door of your new home. A 3D model brings your ideas to life, while giving you the flexibility to make modifications to the design so it is exactly what you want.

Understanding the process

The 3D design process starts by working collaboratively with a design team. The design team needs to get a real understanding of who you are, what you want your house to look like, and any features you want to include. The design team will then work with that information to devise concept plans. From that concept plan, a 3D model will be created.

You can then refine the concept plan and confidently make decisions, because you’ll have a much clearer idea of what the finished home will look like thanks to the 3D model.

3D models – A great way to experience your choices and modifications

You can personalise your floor plan by making modifications and choosing features such as cladding, roof design and interior features.

3D modelling is a great way to visualise your choices and modifications and help you make the right decisions. It is easier to understand (and more inspiring!) looking at a 3D model compared to a 2D floorplan.

Share your 3D model with friends and family

A lot of thought goes into building a house, and decisions shouldn’t be rushed. The great thing about 3D models are, because they are digital, you can easily view them at home on your smartphone or device. You can even share them with your friends and family for feedback – which can be super exciting!

Talk to Urban Homes about 3D modelling

3D modelling is available to Urban Homes clients designing plans in-house. If you’re thinking about building a house, talk to Urban Homes about how we use 3D modelling to enhance your building journey.


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