Written by Urban Homes on May 18, 2021

Colour Me Happy: A day in the life of Urban Homes’ Colours and Selections Team

Once known as The Garage Girls, from the days of working in our Rivercove Show Home, Urban Homes’ Colours and Selections Team now command a view from the third floor of Urban HQ. However, it’s not the Hamilton CBD they enjoy looking at; rather it’s the latest design trends and colour palettes that enable them to work with clients on the internal and exterior appeal of a home.

With their eye for colour, passion for detail, and flair for style, it’s Tanya, Jordie and Em, Urban Homes’ Colour Consultants and Lisa, Erin and Emma, our Selections Coordinators, who know how to turn every Urban build into a visually appealing masterpiece.

Hamilton show home bedroom interior

Depth in design

“We work with a client from the beginning to end,” explains team lead, Tanya Jones-Blok. “From meeting with a New Home Consultant through to the final walk-through prior to handover, we’re with a client every step of the way.”

And that’s not by chance: the role of Colour Consultant is important to every aspect of the build programme. Often confused with an Interior Designer, a Colour Consultant works with the client to develop a scheme for the house, from flooring to fabrics, combining personal taste, psychology and the latest trends.


Jordie Gleeson believes it’s all about understanding a client and taking the time to get to know them and their design style. “We’re the ones clients share their Pinterest boards with,” laughs Jordie. “But seeing what appeals to a clients style helps us to advise them on how they can bring their style through in a cost-effective, sustainable and practical way.”

Tanya says they often get mistaken for an interior design service, but what Urban’s Colours and Selections team offers is much more than that. “Colour consultancy requires depth – depth in your interactions, depth in your knowledge of the client, and an understanding of the big picture,” Tanya explains. “It can be as simple as bringing through a favourite colour in subtle ways that don’t date a build or going all out and painting a wall canary yellow for a Batman loving grandkid!”

Hamilton builders team in their HQ

Two parts, one team

Urban’s Colour Consultants work hand-in-hand with our Selections Coordinators – Lisa, Erin and Emma. They’re the ones who know their way around the selection of plumbing, electrical, heat pumps, cladding, floor, carpets, kitchens, wardrobes, and roofing material.

“In Selections we go beyond choosing the colours and materials,” explains Lisa Stephenson. “It’s part of our role to advise our clients on variations and any allowances they need to consider for their build.”

And that’s what it’s all about. “At Urban, we’re careful never to push a style onto a client,” says Emma Yarndley. “We can advise on how colour or a selection can align, but we want our clients to take ownership of the process and explore the possibilities their individual style can achieve. We’ll advise them on how they can best mould their style to suit their home – and, as is often the case, their budget too.”

Urban’s three-step process is primed!

Good things happen in threes! It’s the number of skilled staff in each of our Colours and Selections teams, the number of prime colours, and the number of meetings we have with our clients to choose, select and confirm their choices.

The team puts a lot of thought and research into each consultation, before and after the meetings themselves. “We gather as many resources as we can to work on a client’s vision, from website links of design trends to products from different suppliers,” explains Tanya. “And we also encourage clients to gather inspiration from our Hamilton show homes & Coromandel show homes too.”

“Sometimes, it’s been a while since a client has walked through one of our show homes, so taking a virtual 3D walkthrough can refresh a client’s memory on the features they love. You’d be surprised how much that inspiration helps.”

The next stage in the colours and selections process is turning that vision into reality. “That requires careful thought and consideration,” says Tanya.  “We’re not just working with clients on what looks good, but about how it will look, how it will be finished, and how the guys on site will be able to do it.”

Start your colour and selection journey

Do you have a vision of what your dream home looks like? Whatever your style, the Urban Homes Colours and Selections team can help bring that vision to reality. From the right colours, materials, selections and textures for your internal and external environment, the team will ensure your journey is a fun and enjoyable one.